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BODYWORK & MASSAGE | Breathe deep and unwind with a unique experience for everyone.

Spa Body Treat  90 minutes $130                                                                                                                                                                                    An invigorating body exfoliation for silky smooth skin is followed by a warm cocoon style wrap to relax you while your skin is drenched in a splendor of fine ingredients. You will enjoy a shower and a moisturizing massage to leave you feeling restorative.  

Seasonal Fall Special: Apple Harvest Moon Bubblemask  90 minutes $130

The lighter side of fall comes to life with spiced Apple Toddy soaked hot towels, sweet grape Muscadine Moonshine polish, soft licorice blossom-scented Pink Moon foaming bubble mask and an uplifting passion fruit-infused Maypop lotion massage. Available through Thanksgiving

Seasonal Holiday Special: Hot Ginger Cocoa Spa Body Treat  90 minutes $130

Your body will be wrapped with whisper-soft whole milk and chicory root Butter Brulee soaked hot towels. Then we’ll smooth away the rough spots with a clove and spice Whipped Honey Sea Salt Scrub. Next, bask in a rich, dark chocolate mud mask with skin-loving CoQ10 enzymes and live carrot cells to bring a soft, silky feel to skin. After your chocolate wrap, enjoy a light body milk massage with a natural, warm ginger-scented lotion. Available December 1st-January 31st

Ultimate Massage  75 minutes $115                                                                                                                                          

This aromatherapy massage creates a state of deep relaxation. Choose from a variety of doTERRA essential oils to set the perfect mood. This delightful massage will incorporate a honey glaze & cream foot cocoon that will leave your tootsies feeling refreshed and smooth.    

Therapeutic Massage  90 minutes $105 | 60 minutes $75                                                                                                                                            Your full body massage session is specifically designed to treat stress, muscle aches and pains, injury, limited mobility, or to maintain overall wellness. The use of thermal applications, such as hot towels and/or doTERRA deep blue  are used to enhance and accelerate the benefits of your  service.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Enhance your massage therapy session with any of the following upgrades:                                                                                                                                     Aromatherapy $7 | Clove & Ginger Hand & Foot Paraffin Wax Treatment $15 | Agave Nectar Hot Oil Head & Scalp Massage $15 | Hot Stones $15 | Honey Glaze & Cream Foot Cocoon $20 | Herbal Thai FarmPress Compress $30

Seasonal Fall Special: Very Velvet Massage  90 minutes $110 | 60 minutes $80                             

When a weekend of pumpkin patches has you all harvested-out, turn to this warm cinnamon-cream Velvet Sunday massage infused with Agave Nectar oil for a nourishing escape that makes life feel even more delicious. Available through Thanksgiving

Seasonal Holiday Special: Serenity Moon Muscle Melt  90 minutes $110 | 60 minutes $80                             

This massage relieves muscle tensions, melting aches and pains just in time. Steamed towels, infused with skin-loving vitamin E and coconut oil are gently cocooned around hands and feet – releasing delicious notes of gingersnap and peppermint as this wrap soaks in deep. Skin is then kneaded with a light-as-air peptide-infused body whip with crisp green notes of wintermint, apple and amber. You’re going to love the way this feathery soft blend smooths the look of wrinkles and helps plump dull, uneven texture. Available December 1st-January 31st


Foot Reflexology  30 minutes $50                                                                                                                                                                                            An effective form of massage therapy that uses specific pressure techniques on precise reflex points that correspond with organs and structures of the body. *Alone or great coupled with a Therapeutic Massage

Prenatal Massage  60 minutes $75                                                                                                                                                                                  Relieve the physical and emotional discomfort that pregnancy brings, while delivering a a special treat for the baby and the mother-to-be.               *Not recommended in the first trimester

Focus Session Massage  45 minutes $60 | 30 minutes $45                                                                                                                                              This massage is for those who have a target area in need of muscle soreness relief to re-energize the body and stimulate circulation.

Note: All Massages are available for two people as a 'couple' at the same time in the same room, side-by-side for double the price. 

Series Special- Pre-purchase five massage sessions and receive the sixth session free. *Must all be redeemed one year from the date of purchase.

Yoga Bodywork Therapy  60 minutes $75 | Introductory Package- $125 (2 Sessions for first timers, limited to one time purchase per person and expires 90 days from purchase). Energy blockages within the body can lead to muscles that are shortened and inflexible, as well as stress, lack of focus, and negative mood changes. Your therapist will lead you through a customized series of yoga poses and assist you into stretches to tone the muscles and relieve stiffness and soreness. Gentle acupressure and compression is applied to stimulate cellular function and circulation; while meditation, breath work, and reiki relieve stress, oxygenate the cells, and improve immune function, energy levels, and cognitive function. An excellent compliment to weight loss, fitness, and other wellness programs. *Only available Mondays & Thursdays

Private Yoga Instruction  60 minutes $75 | Introductory Package- $125 (2 Sessions for first timers, limited to one time purchase per person and expires 90 days from purchase). A yoga class that is customized to you! We will design a unique session to meet your needs that will include poses (asanas), meditation, and breath work (pranayma), that can be continued at home. Perfect for those new to yoga, experienced practitioners looking to further their practice, and athletes who want to build yoga into their training.  *Only available Mondays & Thursdays

Reiki  60 minutes $65 | 30 minutes $40                                                                                                                 

Reiki is a universal healing energy that works to clear blockages and imbalances in the Chakras (7 energy centers in the body). These blockages and imbalances can lead to stress, tension, lack of energy, and negative emotional response. Your therapist will utilize light touch, aromatherapy, meditation, breath work, and crystal work to clear any negative energy that you may be holding on to while bringing you relaxation and a sense of bliss. *Only available Mondays & Thursdays

FACIALS | Revive your skin with high-grade professional facial ingredient

Deluxe Facial   90 minutes $135                                                                                                                                                                             

Our deluxe facial is a truly results-oriented and relaxing treat for those looking for a full boost to their skin. This facial includes all organic materials, and guests will enjoy a 15 minute back massage to begin this truly rejuvenating treatment. .

Arctic Berry Facial Peel  50 minutes $100                                                                                                                                                                             A premium anti-aging facial using luxury botanical and organic ingredients sourced from the Arctic for the ultimate in spring renewal. This results-oriented facial layers three uniquely formulated products that work in harmony as an advanced resurfacing treatment. The breakthrough Arctic Berry Peel & Peptide Illuminating System also targets blemishes, uneven skin and fine lines to reveal a new level of luminosity to your skin. Deep exfoliation combined with a botanical peptide infusion with leave you with an instantly younger-looking appearance. Also, suitable for sensitive skin types.

Mangosteen Facial Peel  50 minutes $90                                                                                                                                                                            It’s time to get glowing! Formulated to address the root causes of dullness and tired, uneven looking skin, the products in this collection combine a proprietary Lactic Acid Complex with antioxidant-rich Mangosteen to unveil a fresh, luminous complexion and protect your skin from environmental damage. Ideal for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Advanced Acne Facial   50 minutes $90                                                                                                                                                                             Are you frustrated with your current acne control system? We recommend this treatment for you! This facial targets congestion within pores, rapidly removing blockages to help improve acne breakouts. Suitable for all skin types, this peel utilizes a combination of natural ingredients specifically chosen to exfoliate, refine and rejuvenate, resulting in visibly-improved skin. For best results it is recommended to follow this facial with an express acne peel for the next three weeks at $50/each and utilizing the 3-step system at home, which can be purchased in our boutique.

Seasonal Holiday Special: Starry Skin Hi-Bio Hemp Amplifying Facial  50 minutes $85                           

Hit pause on irritation and embrace your very own illumination! We begin with a micro kale extract and green tea foaming cleanse. Next, enjoy a refreshing mist of cucumber water tonic, perfectly refining with phyto nutrient red leaf lettuce extract and triplyhydroxy acids. Complexion then receives a botanical exfoliation with 5 unique plantfoliants™. Once gleaming, a vitamin-packed,cactus-infused gel mask helps tighten the look and feel of complexion. While this sets, arms, hands and shoulders are treated to a Hi-Bio™ full spectrum hemp oil with CBD massage! We start winding down by calming uneven skin tones with a green gram and Hi-Bio™ hemp extract facial serum, then pair it with an under-eye transforming serum to banish the look of crow’s feet. All this illumination is sealed in with a hyaluronic gelée moisturizer with time-release retinol, anti-pollution peptides and a blend of blue matcha, chlorophyll and farmer-grown water cress extract. You’ll simply obsess over this texture and how dewy skin feels after! Available December 1st-January 31st


Custom Organic Facial  50 minutes $75                                                                                                                                   

Lavish your skin with nourishing, organic products handmade in Hungary. The active ingredients feed the skin- oxygenating, repairing, and hydrating. This facial is uniquely formulated for each skin type.  *Also available as a Back Facial for the same price

Enhance your facial session with any of the following upgrades:                                                                                                                                                       Clove & Ginger Hand & Foot Paraffin Wax Treatment $15 | Agave Nectar Hot Oil Head & Scalp Massage $15 | Honey Glaze & Cream Foot Cocoon $20 | Youthful Lip & Eye Treatment $30 | Ultrasonic Treatment $15 A multifunction treatment that incorporates deep pore cleansing, advanced exfoliation and extractions, serum infusion, and a more thorough hydration. Perfect for those with sensitive skin. Only available on Mondays & Thursdays | LED Skin Therapy $15 The LED device has 7 different color modalities to address multiple signs of aging, sun damage, redness and inflammation, and to kill acne causing bacteria. Can also further penetrate serums and masks into the skin, or calm the skin after a treatment. Only available on Mondays & Thursdays

Express Exfoliating Peel  25 minutes $50                                                                                                                                                                             A great choice for those that want maximum results in a minimal amount of time! This service effectively removes dead skin cells to uncover a softer, revitalized complexion. Choose from the four VitaSkin™ pillars: Calm Skin Chamomile, Clear Skin Willow Bark, Firm Skin Acai or Bright Skin Licorice Root Exfoliating Peel.

Teen Time Facials 

First Step 25 minutes $40 (ages 12 and under)  Blemish Control 50 minutes $65 (ages 13-17)                                                                                                  For A+ skin, this fun and educational facial balances oil production and hormonal activity while healing and nourishing delicate skin. 15% off your purchase of products on the day of your first visit. 

Note: All Facials are available for two people as a 'couple' at the same time in the same room, side-by-side for double the price. 

Series Special- Pre-purchase five facial sessions and receive the sixth session free. *Must all be redeemed one year from the date of purchase.

WAXING | Hair removal using the latest products and techniques

Eyebrows $15         

Upper Lip $13         

Brow & Lip $25         

Full Face $35                                                                                                                                            

Underarms $20         

Navel Line $8          

Knuckles or Toes $13

Bikini $30                   

Brazilian (first visit) $60                               

Brazilian (maintenance- 6 weeks or less from last visit) $45

Lower/Upper Leg $35/$40   

Full Leg $60     

Full Arm $40

Men's Chest or Back $50

Please let us know if you are using Retin-A, Accutane, or any other oral or topical acne and skin care treatments so that we can best meet and safely provide your waxing request without irritation. For best waxing results, it is recommended that hair be at least 1/4 inch in length or approximately 3 weeks of growth.                

ETC:  Brow & Lash Tinting $25 (separately $15 each)

A semi-permanent color that will give your eyes a whole new look. A variety of colors to choose from and mix.

Organic Airbrush Tanning $40

Our airbrush tanning solutions are organic and skin-healthy, leaving you with a natural looking glow without harmful chemicals or UV rays. Only available on Mondays & Thursdays.


Herbal Ear Candling $30

Ear candling helps with chronic ear infections, sinus problems, and cold prevention. It also eliminates wax, yeast, fungus, and candida. Candling can be done on persons of any age.

Herbal Detox Foot Soak $40

“Total body health begins with the feet”... this service features a 15 minute DetoXsoak™ of feet in warm water, followed by a DetoXsoak™ Somatology technique massage of feet and legs to balance, de-stress, and refresh.

SPA PACKAGES | Customized to suit your needs

Blissful Day  4 hours $379 (includes lunch)

  • Spa Body Treat with Herbal Thai FarmPress Compress

  • Arctic Berry Facial Peel with Youthful Lip & Eye Treatment  

  • 90 minute Therapeutic Massage with Hand & Foot Paraffin Wax Treatment 


A Treat for Two  2 hours $345 (for two people)                                                                                                                                                                       

  • Couples 60 minute Hot Stone Massage with Aromatherapy

  • Couples 50 minute Custom Organic Facial with Honey Glaze & Cream Foot Cocoon                                                                                            


Wrap & Nap  2.5 hours $198                                                                                                                                                                       

  • Spa Body Treat

  • Custom Organic Facial with Hot Oil Head & Scalp Massage

Just the Essentials  2.5 hours $171                                                                                                                                                                        

  • 60 minute Therapeutic Massage

  • 50 minute Custom Organic Facial

  • Herbal Detox Foot Soak

Simplicity  1.5 hours $130                                                                                                                                                                        

  • 30 minute Focus Session Massage

  • 30 minute Foot Reflexology

  • 25 minute Express Facial Peel